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Automatic wire spool rewinding machine SS-RW01
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SS-RW01 automatic wire spool rewinding machine working video in user's factory(Server in USA).


The SS-RW01 automatic wire spool rewinding machine adopts computer numerical control system. It is driven by DC motor and equipped with precise stepping motor for wire spread during winding. The rewinding machine is specially used for rewinding the metal wire(copper, aluminum wires etc.) from one much large wire spool to one small wire spool(bobbin).


1. Big memory for processing programs(0~999 steps).

2. It can be clockwise and reverse winded with requested speed.

3. The winding turns is accurately. There is the function of power-off protection.

4. When some problems occur, the data can be automatically saved.

5. CNC controller can monitor and display the production status.

6. The setting is easy and the operation is convenient.

7. Hig torsion, low-speed winding.


1. Power source: AC 220V, 50/60HZ.

2. Winding speed: 0~900RPM

3. Wire diameter: Ф0.1~Ф0.5mm

4. Winding diameter(Spool OD): Ф260mm Max.

5. Spread width(traverse): 400mm Max.

6. Winding spindle motor: DC 500W.

7. Spreading motor: steping motor.

8. Winding turns: 0~ 99999.

9. Spread pitch: 0.001 - 9.999mm

10. Machine size: L1100*W400*H450 mm

11. Machine weight: 45Kg

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