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Four spindles automatic coil winding machine with wire twister SS964T
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SS964T winder working video in user's factory(Server in USA)

Description :

The SS964T CNC coil winding machine are digital programmable high-speed coil winding machine with the wire twister(skeiner),there are two models: four spindles, six spindles. It's the highest efficiency coil winding machine. Used for winding the very fine copper wire bobbin coils(like as : some inverters, relays, transformers, inductor, electronic valve coil, etc.), The SS966T can automatic twist the fine wires to be more thick according to  requirements for the wire terminals before wind pins.

Features : 
1.Microprocessor design, easy for program-setting.
2.Stepping motor driven by constant-current power supply,high spreading speed precise winding.
3."Start Point" could set by key panel or with teachable function. Display will show the position of spreading head while setting.
4.Wire spreading by nozzle type spreading heads.
5.Wire passing through ceramic rollers prevent enamel from high temperature, protect insulation film of wire.
6.Multiple spindles winding synchronal for highest efficiency.
7.Foot-switch connection for better efficiency.
8.Winding parameters and options can be set independently for each step.
9.Memory capacity accommodates 999 steps of parameters with off-power memory retention.
10. Automatic twist the wire according to the setup program.
11. Adopts the FLASH ROM memory for save every one different twisting programs with off-power  memory retention.
12. Provides 0 ~ 99 types speed for the twister.
13. Automatic diagnose the fault of machine.
Specification : 
Model SS964T SS966T
winding spindles 4 6
power source single phase 220V 50/60HZ
twisting motor AC 200W servo motor
winding motor DC brushless 400W
winding speed 8000RPM
twisting speed 6000RPM
twisting stocks programable between 3~ 19(odd number)
twisting length 130~ 300mm
rounds of threaded wire 1 ~ 999T
wire diameter 0.01~ 0.25mm
spread pitch 0~ 9.99mm
spread width(winding width or traverse length) Max. 110mm
winding diameter(finished coil outside diameter) Max. 80mm Max. 60mm
maching net weight 75Kg 
machine size 80*53*60cm

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