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Portable rotary blade wire stripping machine SS-SM03
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SS-SM03 enameled wire stripping machine workig video(need enter password to watch)

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Description :
The SS-SM03 portable rotary blade wire stripping machine is one portable wire stripper. it is constructed from motor, foot switch, rotary stripping blade, blade cover,speed knob. Is very convenient to use, Which can strip a lot of surface insulated film wires(like as: magnet wire,enamel wire,varnished wire,etc.)quickly, and do not break wire core. It is used for motor manufacture, transformer manufacture,inductor manufacture,coils manufacture,wires processing,cable manufacture, and so on. It is superior to knife, grinding wheel and chemical of stripping ways. It increases the processing efficiency and improve the soldering quality.
Specification :
Wire D range: ¢ 0.3~3.0mm
Power line: 220V/50Hz.
Power: 100W
Rotation speed: 0~ 10000r/min
Weight: 1.6Kg.
Speed control way: Knob ( stepless )

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