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Voice coil winding machine SS100V
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  • Voice coil winding machine SS100V
  • Voice coil winding machine SS100V

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    The SS100V digital voice coil winding machine adopts digital controller, it's an accurately and reliability digital coil winding machine for winding small voice coil without bobbin,like as: mobile phone speaker voice coil, small speaker voice coil,earphone speaker coil,etc.. It is very economical.
    1. Accurately count turns of winding by photo-electricity sensor.
    2. Programmable winding direction, winding turns, winding speed, pre-stop& pre-start speed. Programmable many steps for many different windings coil.
    3. Scientific winding fixture for winding and finished unload easy.
    4. Memory capacity accommodates 99 sequences of parameters with off-power memory retention.
    5. More convenience by using foot-switch.
    6. Include one alcohol bath cup for winding the alcohol self-bonding wires.
    7. Spread wire by automatically.
    WIRE SIZE: φ 0.02~0.5mm
    WINDING SPEED: 300 ~8570rpm
    WINDING MOTOR: DC Brushless Motor
    MEMORY CAPACITY: 999 Steps
    POWER SOURCE: AC220V/110V±10%, 50/60 Hz.
    BRAKE WAY: Use the reverse electromotive force of motor.

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