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Wire tensioner
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  • Wire tensioner
  • Wire tensioner

    Copper wire winding tensioner working video in user's factory(need enter password to watch)

    (Server in USA)

    Description :

    The wire winding tensioner is the key component to control the adjustable tension during the wire

    be winding. it adopts the tension way of mechanical pulleys and spring. The tensioner fishing bar

    adopts carbon fibre.The winding coil will be with appropriate fastening, tightness and plump. Coil

    of winding quality are guaranteed with consistency. It is used for the fine wire winding on the

    winding machines.

    Specification :
    Part No. Suited wire diameter.(mm) Tension(N)
    SS 0.02~0.04 0.024~0.137
    S 0.04~0.08 0.088~0.49
    M 0.05~0.14 0.196~1.373
    L 0.12~0.4 0.686~5.88
    LL 0.15~0.5 1.47~9.8

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