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LCZ LCR meter (SS1061A)
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  • LCZ LCR meter (SS1061A)
  • LCZ LCR meter (SS1061A)

    Description :

    The (SS1061A / SS1062A) LCZ LCR meters are a high-grade component test instrument upgraded from SS106X series, with 4 output impedance modes and measuring results compatible with other well-known LCR meters.
    Key feature :
    Test frequency: 40Hz ~ 200KHz
    Test voltage: 10mV ~ 2.5V, 10mV/step
    4 output impedance modes: 25Ω, 100Ω, 50Ω, 2Ω
    Direct comparison: HP4284, GR1689, WK3245, NF2330
    Order Items :
    4-terminal test clamp(within tester)
    Test pen(optional)
    Test box(optional)
    SMD test wire(optional) 
    Specification :
    Model SS1061A SS1062A
    Test parameter
    Main display L ,C,   R, Z
    Subaltern display Q ,D ,ESR ,θ
    Measure signal
    Meas. Level 10mV~2.5V,10mV/step
    Meas. Frequency 40HZ~200KHZ
    Frequency accuracy ±0.15%
    Out impedance 25Ω±5% ,100Ω±5% ,50Ω±5% ,2Ω±10%(load impedance ≥ 10Ω)
    Measure Range
    Main parameter L(0.00001uH ~ 9999.99H),
    Subaltern parameter Q, D(0.0001~9999.9),θ(-90.00°~90.00°), Δ %(0.0001%~99999%)
    Base accuracy 0.15% (AC parameter 1KHZ )
    Measure speed (1KHZ )
    Best fast 13Measurement/S
    Fast 10Meas./S
    Middle 5Meas./S
    Slow 1Meas./S
    Trigger internal internal, external, manual
    L,C,Z,R 5pcs digitals
    Q,D,R, θ 5pcs digitals
    Frequency ,level 3pcs digitals
    Q,D,R, θ 5pcs digitals
    DC base   0
    Revising function open, short
    Equivalent circuit model series ,parallel
    Automatic judgement   pass or fail
    Common specification
    Environment temperature :10 ºC ~ 40 ºC ,humidity :10%~90%RH
    Power consuming Max.55W
    Power 90~125V , or 190~250V,, 48HZ~62HZ
    Weight 5.4Kg 7.5Kg
    Meas. (W×H×L ) 270×105× 350mm 405×130× 365mm

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