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SanShine(Xiamen)Electronics Co.,Ltd manufactures professionally machines and electronic test instruments for electronics and electric industry field. 

Our products include as :

1.Linear winding machine,toroidal coil winding machine,amorphous ribbon produce machine,enameled wire stripping machine,electric oven,heat shrink tubing oven,automatic cutting machine,transformer taping machine,glue dispensing machine,vacuum varnish pressure impregnation machine,vacuum machine,solder pot, automatic solder tinning machine, pin cutting machine,etc.

2.transformer tester,cable tester,HI-POT tester,withstand voltage tester, insulation resistance tester,winding turns tester,coil turns tester,toroidal core coil turns tester,soft magnetic core power loss analyzer,turns ratio tester,surge tester,winding impulse tester,LCR meter,Ohm meter,etc.

3.Tugsten carbide coil winding nozzle,ruby tiped coil winding nozzle,tugsten carbide spray nozzle, suck nozzle,motor winding nozzle,toroid coil winding hook,ceramic wire guides, ceramic wire pulley,ceramic eyelet,wire tensioner,wire spool cover,heating coil winding spindle,toroid winding shuttle,toroid winding slider,wire stripping wheels, wire stripping bullets,wire stripping blades,etc.

SanShine products are used for electronics manufactures,electric manufacturers(Like as:transformer,inductor,current sensor,voltage sensor,PCB,motor,relay,link,cable,socket,capacitor,resistor,switch,toroid coil,ignition coil,electric valve,antenna,generator manufacturers,etc.).

SanShine offer competitive prices and good quality & services to our customers.

SanShine make your M&T quickly and easy!

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