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LCZ LCR meter (SS1062)
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  • LCZ LCR meter (SS1062)
  • LCZ LCR meter (SS1062)
  • LCZ LCR meter (SS1062)
  • LCZ LCR meter (SS1062)

    Description :
    This (SS1061 / SS1062 / SS1063) LCZ Meters are a test system for passive components designed for the use in electronic inspection or production process for quality control. They meet any demanding requirement on production speed and precision, discrimination of qualified products from unqualified ones, as well as internal setup, storing and calling function for up to 10 instrument groups, so they
      are actually optimum test instruments for component incoming and production inspection. Like as: transformer, inductor, resistor, capacitor, relay, motor, generator, eletric valve, contactor,cable,wire,etc..
    Key Features :
    Test frequency:  40Hz~200kHz
    Basic measurement accuracy:  0.1%
    Single-function Keys,  LED display,  easy to operate
    LCR Nominal Value,  Upper Limit%,  Lower Limit%,  Q / D / R / E Limit thumb switches setting(1062 only).
    10 internal Instrument setups store / recall capability(1063 only).
    L: 0.0001uH ~19999H;  C: 0.0001pF~199.99mF;  Z: 0.0001Ω~199.99MΩ;  Q/D: 0.0000~10000
    θ :  -180deg ~  +179.99deg;  ESR: 0.0001MΩ~19999kΩ,
    Testing Voltage: 10mV~1.0V, 10mV/step,
    Order Items :
    4-terminal test fixture
    Test pen
    Test box
    SMD test wire
    Order project :
    Four-terminal Test Wire Clamp(within tester)
    Test Pen(optional)
    Test Box(optional)
    SMD Test Cable(optional)


    Model SS1061 SS1062 SS1063
    Test parameter
    Primary display L  , C,   R, Z
    Secondary display Q  , D  , ESR  , θ
    Measure. signal
    Meas. Level(voltage) 10mV~1.0V, 10mV/step
    Meas. Frequency 40HZ~ 200KHZ, 30steps
    Frequency accuracy ± 0.01%
    Out impedance 100mA± 5% , (1V seting ), Impedance 10Ω,  2Ω± 10%,  ≥ 10Ω  
    Measure Range
    primary parameter L(0.0001uH ~ 19999H), C(0.0001pF~199.99mF) , Z(0.0001Ω ~199.99MΩ )
    Secondary parameter Q, D(0.0000~ 10000), θ (-180.00° ~ +179.99° ), ESR(0.0001mΩ ~ 19999KΩ)
    Base accuracy 0.10%
    Measure speed  ( 1KHZ )
    Fast 8 Meas. /S
    Slow 2.5 Meas. /S
    Trigger internal internal, external, manual
    L, C, Z, R 5pcs digitals
    Q, D, R, θ 5pcs digitals
    Frequency, level 3pcs digitals
    External DC base DC: 0~35V
    Revising function open, short
    Equivalent circuit model in series  , parallel
    Automatic judgement   pass or fail
    Memory   10Groups seting
    Common spec.
    Environment temperature  : 10  º C ~ 40  º C, humidity  : 10%~90%RH
    Power consuming Max. 55W
    Power 90~125V or 190~250V, 48HZ~62HZ
    Weight ≈ 5.5Kg ≈ 6.5Kg
    Meas.( W× H× L  ) 270× 105× 350mm 405× 130× 365mm



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