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Automatic super big toroidal winding and taping machine (SS1000WT)
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Description :
This (SS1000WT) Gear type Digital Automatic Super big  Winding and Taping Machine adopt precision digital toroid controller, it's an accurately and reliability digital automatic toroid-winding and taping machine. it is used for winding thick wire and wraping insulation tape in one time for big toroidal transformer, toroidal current transformer, toroidal coil, toroid choke coil, power inductors, power magnetics, UPS inductor with thick wire,  converter inductors with thick wire,  heavy toroidal core with heavy wire coils, extra high voltage toroidal transformer, etc.
Features :
1. Collocate the gear type winding head to wind very heavy wire and gear type taping head to wrap insulation tape, and interchangeable roller table with different size shuttle(magazine) for different dimensions coils and different wires and tapes,turns, so that to reduce the cost. one set standard automatic toroid coil winding and taping machne include one PCS winding shuttle and one PCS taping shuttle only, other sizes winding shuttles are optional.
2. Hi-tech shuttle for highest efficiency.
3. Separate speed controls for loading and winding and taping.
4. Accurately count length of loading by limited-switch.
5. Accurately count turns of winding and taping by photo-electricity sensor.
6. Programmable winding&taping direction, winding&taping returns range (Turns or Angle) and segment winding&taping angle.
7. Accurately wire&tape spacing by adjustable.
8. Adopts two PCS handset program controllers so that easy to controll and program during set up,because the coil is so big and machine is so big also.
9. Memory capacity accommodates 29 sets programes with off-power memory retention.
Specification :

Wire diameter
1.5 -5.0mm Head number one winding head and one taping head
Insulation tape width Any dimensions Max. winding speed 150 RPM
Max. final coil O. D. Φ 700 - 13500mm Wire spacing stepping motor
Min. final coil I. D. Φ 650mm Supply voltage AC220V,50Hz single phase
Max. final coil height 320mm Mechanical dimensions 1500*1350*1500mm
Controller storage capacity programs 29(sets) Weight denpend on core different size

How to select the best suited automatic toroid coil winding machine for your toroid coil ?
Tell us your toroidal coil of data as below please :

1.toroid core outside diameter before winding?
2.toroid core inside diameter before winding?
3.toroid core height before winding?
4.how many windings on this core?
5.how many turns of each winding?
6.how about the copper wire diameter of each winding?
7.provide pictures of product which is more better.


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