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Automatic transformer tester (SS3250 SS3252 SS3302)
Product 1/1  Automatic transformer tester
  • Automatic transformer tester (SS3250 SS3252 SS3302)
  • Automatic transformer tester (SS3250 SS3252 SS3302)
  • Automatic transformer tester (SS3250 SS3252 SS3302)
  • Automatic transformer tester (SS3250 SS3252 SS3302)
  • Automatic transformer tester (SS3250 SS3252 SS3302)
  • Automatic transformer tester (SS3250 SS3252 SS3302)

    Product name : Automatic transformer tester (SS3250 SS3252 SS3302)

    Description :

    The (SS3250 / SS3252 / SS3302) automatic transformer test instrument is a precision test system, designed for transformer production line or incoming/outgoing inspection in quality control process, with high stability and high reliability. With the enhanced capability in turn ratio measurement, they can solve the measuring problems of low coupling coefficient, transformer's turn ratio and turn number with more precise measurement. In addition to transformer scanning test function, the SS3302 / SS3252 have LCR Meter function. Operator-friendly and value-added, they can help you reduce production cost greatly. They finish instantaneous these parameters testing (Turn ratio , Phase ,Turn , L , Q, L.K , Balance , ACR , Cp , DCR , Pin short. ) at one time.

    Feature :

    1. Test frequency: 20Hz-200KHz/1MHz, 0.02% accuracy.

    2. Basic accuracy: 0.1%

    3. Output impedance modes, measurement results are compatible with other well-known LCR meters.

    4. Enhanced Turn Ratio measurement accuracy for low permeability core

    5. Fast Inductance/Turn Ratio measurement speed up to 80 meas. /sec

    6. Fast DCR measurement speed up to 50 meas. /sec

    7. Bias current source directly control capability (SS3252/3302)

    8. 320x240 DOT-matrix LCD display

    9. Support versatile standard and custom-design test jigs

    10. Four-terminal test for accurate, stable DCR, inductance and turn ratio measurements

    11. Build-in comparator; 10 bin sorting with counter capability (SS3252/3302)

    12. 2M SRAM memory card, for setup back-up between units

    13. Standard RS-232, HANDLER, PRINTER interface

    14. 50 internal instrument setups for store/recall capability

    Order items :

    A. SS3250 / SS3252 / SS3302

    B. 3001A(scaning testing box)

    C. Universal fixture

    D. Custom-made fixture (optional)

    E. Memory card (optional)

    Specification :

    ModelSS3250SS3252 / SS3302
    Main functionstransformer Auto. analyzertransformer Auto. analyzer + LCR meter
    Analyse parameter
    Transformer Auto. MeasureTurn ratio , Phase ,Turn ,L ,Q, L.K ,Balance ,ACR ,Cp ,DCR ,Pin short.
    LCR MeasureGeneral L ,C ,R ,DCRL ,C ,R , 1Z1 ,Y ,DCR ,Q ,D ,R ,X ,  θ
    Measure Signal
    Measure LevelTurn10mV~10V,±10% ,10mV/Step
    Other10mV~2V,±10% ,10mV/Step
    Meas. FrequencyTurn3250 ,3252 :1KHZ ~ 200KHZ ,±0.02%
    3302 :1KHZ~1MHZ ±0.02% ,Min. display :0.01HZ
    other3250 ,3252 : 20HZ ~ 200KHZ ,±0.02%
    3302 : 20HZ~1MHZ ±0.02% , Min. display : 0.01HZ
    Out impendanceTurn10Ω , Meas. level≤2V
    50Ω , Meas. level > 2V
    OtherConstant=OFF : according to resistance value range to be
    Constant=320X : 100Ω±0.5%
    Constant=107X : 25Ω±0.5%
    Constant=106X : 50Ω   100mA±0.5%(setup 1V )
    inductance load<10Ω , 10Ω±10% , impedance10Ω  
    Measure Display range
    L , L.K0.00001uH ~ 9999.99H
    C0.00001pF ~ 999.999mF
    Q, D0.00001 ~ 99999
    Z, X, R0.00001Ω ~ 99.9999MΩ
    Y0.01nS ~ 99.9999S
    θ-90.00 ~ +90.00
    DCR0.01mΩ ~ 99.9999MΩ
    Turn0.01 ~ 99999.99T(S windings voltage < 100Vrms)
    Pin - Short11 windings , pin and pin
    Base accuracy
    L , L.K , C , Z , X , Y , R , DCR0.1% ( AC parameter 1KHZ )
    Q , D0.0005 ( 1KHZ )
    θ0.03° ( 1KHZ )
    Turn0.5% ( 1KHZ )
    Measure speed ( fast )
    L , L.K , C , Z , X , Y , R ,Q , D , θ80Meas./S
    Judgement way
    Transformer Auto. Meas.the judgement of all parameters of NG or good which be output by ordered processor.
    LCR Measureparameters be displayed.10 levels sorting and total No. be output by ordered processor. The judgement of parameter of good or NG be output by standard processor.
    Displayer revising function320*240 points LCD displayer
    Open / Short , load revising
    Memory50 groups setup , can be extended by memory card.
    Equivalent circuit modelseries , parallel
    Triggerinner , manual , external
    Common Spec.
    Environment10degree centigrade ~ 40degree centigrade ,10% ~ 90%RH
    Power consumingMax.140W
    Power90 ~ 125V AC  or 190~250V AC   48HZ~62HZ
    Weight&asymp; 8.5KG
    Dimensions( W×H×L )430×180× 320mm

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