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Cable tester (SS8681 series)
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  • Cable tester (SS8681 series)
  • Cable tester (SS8681 series)
  • Cable tester (SS8681 series)

    Description :

    The (SS8681series) cable tester is used for test and measure wire cable harness,wire harness, like as : auto cable,audio cable, power cable, network cable, telephone cable, USD cable, HDMI cable,video cable, etc. . 
    Feature : 
    1. Up to 1500Vdc / 1000Vac Test Voltage
    2. 512 Max. Test Points
    3. Auto Scan and Auto Pin Search
    4. Intermittent Conductance Test
    5. Intermittent Open/Short Test
    6. Providing Single-End Testing
    8. Large 320×240 LCD Display
    9. Full Programming Sequence Test
    10. Versatile I/O Ports for application
    11. Statistics and Print Function 
    Test function :
    Item Symbol Test range
    Conductance  COND  0.1Ω~50Ω
    Resistance  R 0.1Ω~1.0MΩ
    Insulation  IR  1MΩ~500MΩ
    Open/ Short O/S  2KΩ~50KΩ 
    Intermittent O/S Test    
    Intermittent Cond.    0.1Ω~50Ω
    Single-End Test     
    Open / Short terminal Judgment     
    Specification :
    Advanced Functions Programmable Sequential Test
    Auto Pin Search
    Self Diagnostic
    Self Calibration
    Basic Accuracy ±5%
    Scanning Mode  Auto/Short Switchable
    Meas. speed 0.1 Sec Basic
    Test Signal Information 200~700Vdc / 500Vac
    DC Insulation /Hi-pot  ±5% Accuracy 
    Display and Sound  320×240 Graphic LCD Display
    6 Digits Numeral Formatting
    Pass/Fail LED Indicator/LCD Display
    Internal Speaker 
    Connections  128 Test Points
    256/512 Points Optional
    Hi-pot Calibration +/- Output
    Auto Pin-Search Jack
    Front Panel Buttons Sys Key/Fast Key/Edit Key/Soft Key
    I/O Interface Printer Port
    Remote Control Port (Optional)
    RS-232 Port (Optional)
    RS-485 Port (Optional)
    Memory Built-in 512KB SRAM
    Battery Backup
    Power Supply  Switching 115/230 Vac±10%
    Accessory  Auto Pin-Search Probe
    2-in-1 64Pin DIN-to-Horn Converter
    Remote Control Cable (Optional)
    RS-232 Cable (Optional)
    GPIB Cable (Optional)
    Power Cord
    3→2 Power Line Adapter
    User's Guide 
    Temperature & Humidity 15°C~35°C
    Dimension (WxHxD) 425*190*350mm
    Weight Approx, 14Kgs(w/o Accessory)
    Cable Capacitance Limit  1μF Max. 
    order code  Description
    SS-8681N Cable/Harness Tester (DC 700V)
    SS-8681NC2 256 Test Points
    SS-8681NC3 512 Test Points
    SS-8681FA DC 1500V , AC 1000V Added
    SS-8681FAC2 256 Test Points
    AV-8685DH1 2-in-1 64Pin DIN-Horn Converter
    AK-8600F1 Fixture Flat Cable (30cm)
    KB-8685K1  Calibration Fixture Set 

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