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Lead-free dip soldering pot (SS-TG01)
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Description :

The (SS-TG01) solder pot of Lead-free Titanium Alloy Inner Dip pot conforming to RoHS Standards. The (SS-TG01) is one ground standing type soldering pot which used for soldering(tinning) of electronics components and electical components, like as: transformers, relays, motors, valve coils, capacitors, inductors, cables, PCB boards,sockets,LED, linghtings, resistors, wires,etc..
Feature :
1,Can withstand temperature up to 600 º C.
2, Adopts precision digitail temperature controller to control the temperature be constant temperature,temperature programable.
3,Side Inserted Heaters enable easy maintenance.
4,Compact Design with wider contact surface enable flexible processing arrangement.
5,Be used for tinning and soldering of transformer, inductor, relay, cable,electronics components and electical components,etc.
Specification :
Temperature: Up to 600± 3º C
Pot Material: Lead-Free Titanium alloy.
Power: AC 220V, 50 /60Hz, Single phase
Inner dip pot measurement:  350(L)*200(W)*65(H)mm (the dimension is customized available by requested)

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